No Lie

Yesterday, I was talking to a client 
when he sat down on the floor in front of my desk,
I wasn't quite sure what he was doing as there is
a chair right there for his sitting enjoyment.
So I just kept the conversation going like nothing had happened.
Then he started stretching.
Not just a few casual stretches.
This was like he was in the middle of yoga class.
So I just kept talking like everything was normal. 
And eventually he got up off the floor and left.
Like everything was normal.

last night in the lobby of the stake offices,
I looked down and on the floor
where two huge toenail clippings!
Who does that when waiting for an interview?
I almost threw up right there in the lobby.

1 comment:

  1. Toenail thing+=Totally disgusting!

    Your client sitting on the floor and chatting=Just plain weird.