Well you know how moving day goes.
These were the only shoes that weren't packed. 
So ballet flats and athletic shorts is was.
Sometimes I am so sexy I amaze myself.

My new shoes I bought with the crew at Nordstroms,
after dining at Moochies the other night.
I love them so so much. 
I am shocked that they go with so many things.
We went to get toms and I got them instead. 

I know you wish you had a tan line like this.
Here is how to achieve such beauty.
You go fishing in capris on a horribly overcast day.
You assume you are getting no sun, as you can't even see it.
Then you come home and go to a REAL game.
And you are so exhausted from the sun that you fall asleep 
AT the game and fall out of your chair just a little bit.
Okay that last part doesn't contribute to the awesome tan line,
but it is what was happening while this picture was taken.

And finally none of these are my legs, I was in a dress, no pictures thank you.
This is Katy and Joan (Pronounced JOE-ON, not joan or jo anne) changing her oil.
What an adventure that turned out to be.

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