Friday Nights

Every other Friday I work in the Bountiful Temple.
My shift ends at 8 and without fail,
I walk out of the temple and,
right through someones bridal shoot.

And without fail every single bride is wearing some form of this dress.
Now don't get offended I am sure you are reading this,
and you wore a dress just like this, and you loved it,
and you were beautiful and you felt like a Disney princess.

And I admittedly am probably years from needing my own,
but ladies...
How about something beautiful and vintage?
Oh my goodness both of these dresses make my heart stop.
and both can be made modest, 
and both come in at the same price range as latter day bridal dresses. 

Different top here but I LOVE the casual feel of this one!
The perfect dress to elope in, yes please!

again, modesty modification needed. 
But I love the idea of a dress that flows 
not a huge tent that I am hidden under!
Pair it with a pair of vintage cowboy boots! 
Or silver flats, or anything turquoise!

Maybe I am just the girl who needs to be different,
but oh my goodness...
Let's try branching out a little.

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