Happy Pappy's Day!

Today in Sunday School we talked about how to prepare to go to the temple for the first time. The teacher mentioned that maybe there isn't too much special to do if you have been living the right way anyway. I then had this thought. I too was born of goodly parents, parents who have been preparing me for things like this my entire life.

I have been thinking a lot about my daddy today. He tucked us in every night and would tell us a story. The cinnamon toast story was my favorite. I remember him playing games like airplane, and crocodile with us. I remember him getting us to clean up the house by playing the "blown to smithereens" game. My siblings and I couldn't wait for him to come home every night. I loved sunday "daddy interviews" when he would take each of us individually out for a walk. I loved that time with him, and always felt like he was taking forever with Katy and it would never be my turn!

I was grumbly most of the time that he called us upstairs for scriptures and prayers. I remember specifically not always having a good attitude about FHE. But they always happened anyway and not only do I remember specific lessons but I now have a pattern to follow with my own family.

I have posted before about my dad and music, and how he can fix anything, and finally about how he is my BFF!

Who ever I marry has some big shoes to fill. Because I have the best dad in the whole world.

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