Bad Bad Day

Sometimes we have bad days. When I have a bad day I always feel like that bad day is the worst one yet. So when I came home today after a way crappy day I actually typed bad day into my blog search and read up on my past bad days. They didn't seem so bad anymore. It seems that my bad days are caused by three things:

1. Financial crisis
2. Missing my mom
3. Mean boys

We'll get to what happened today in a minute, but while I was driving home from Pocatello today contemplating my bad day I recalled what I think was the second worst day of my life:

My thesis was due that day for my Infant class. I had typed up an amazing paper on developmentally appropriate toys or fatherhood involvement. I don't remember which one it was. Anyway, it was perfect. Of course with something this important I made sure I saved it to more than one disk and to my USB drive. I also made sure I headed up to campus a half hour early so I could get on an empty shuttle bus and get to the TSC computer lab with tons of extra time to print my paper. I had all the bases covered.

So I get on the empty shuttle, I make it to the computer lab before it fills up, but the computer won't open my file. No worries I try the other disk, I get the same error message, same with the USB drive. Oh well I have some time, if I hurry I can get back home and figure something out. Maybe turn it in at the end of class. So I get back on the shuttle, get to my car and head home. But wait that is when my car overheats. So I am stuck on the side of the road and I am still thinking, this might be okay I just need to call someone to come get me and we'll worry about my car later. So I pull out my phone. No service!

Later that night I was in charge of a huge activity and was the only one who knew what we were doing. But I got stuck at work because my ride never showed up and my phone still didn't work so I had a church full of people with no direction. I finally make it home and my home teachers randomly stop by and ask if they can do anything to help and I tell them my story. No problem they will look at my roommates computer and see what they can do. Okay but guess what they find? It is FULL of porn. At the exact moment they are discovering it and I am swearing it isn't my laptop my roommate comes home. She FREAKS out that I had found that stuff on her computer!

Anyway that story has a happy ending because I was allowed to turn in my thesis, my car was fixed, and my phone started working again, and my roommate forgave me. I am hoping today's story has a happy ending. I won't go into the same amount of detail but let's say that it began with number one, or as the bank calls it a small banking error, and included both two and three by the end of the day. I am still shaking from number three as it included a man who has physically attacked me before.

I know that I will be just fine financially, banking error or no, I still want my stupid money back! So tomorrow, which will be a fresh day with no mistakes in it, I will blog about everything that went right today. Because I made certain to take note of them today so that I didn't feel overwhelmed.


  1. Annie, I hope today is so much better than yesterday. It is funny, when we are living a moment, it is the worst up until that point, and you are right also that we can always look back on those moments and see we made it through, that Heavenly Father was there for us. Love ya! Sorry for the cheese, I tried not to make it too swissy.

  2. Annie, i am sorry you are having a bad day. Those suck. Do you ever travel to the provo area? I would love to see you!!

  3. In the words of Annie Hall (you)
    "SAD DAY!" and in the words of Me (wade) "Cheer up emo kid"