100 things about me... (revised)!

1. I claim both New Jersey and Nebraska as home. I loved getting to see all the historical sites back east but I LOVE the small town atmosphere that is Nebraska.
2. I prefer off brand Doritos to the real ones.
3. I have a dog, her name is Mudge, short for Kersmudgen.
4. When I was younger my horse's name was Go Annie Go!
5. My car is named Sanchez.
6. Growing up we met for church in a warehouse in an industrial park in New Jersey.
7.I am a daddy's girl, partially because my mom doesn't currently have a body.
8.I have lived in 5 states.
9.I went to Utah State University.
10. I am the oldest of 7 kids.
11. I love British television.
12. I love Maverick Ice cream!
13. My step-mom is 6 years older than me.
14. I am a knitting maniac!
15. I am 26 single, LDS, and did not serve a mission.
16. I desperately wanted to serve a mission.
17. My favorite restaurant is Formosa. It is a little shady Chinese place in Logan.
18. My favorite Sushi roll is the crunchy Mexican roll.
19. I went to culinary school, kinda.
20. I love quilting.
21. I have a pair of pants that always made me look hot but they had to be retired. I miss them.
22. My favorite game is boxers or briefs.
23. I think hot showers are the greatest invention of our time.
24. I don't go anywhere without my IPOD.
25. I get really embarrassed for other people when I feel that they aren't sufficiently embarrassed for themselves.
26. I love Yoga but can't take Katy to class anymore, she laughs too much.
27. I judge book's by their cover. They have to have good illustrations right?
28. I still miss my mommy everyday.
29. I am a climber but don't have the gear so have to go with people who do.
30. I started cycling to help me deal with loosing mom. I'm addicted now.
31. There is nothing I hate more than scraping my windows in the morning.
32. My BFF is a boy, we don't date, and we think that is normal.
33. I like to fake play my hot pink guitar.
34. I rock at Mario Kart and suck at EVERY other video game.
35. My favorite movies are Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, and Count of Monte Cristo.
36. I love country music.
37. My favorite band is the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
38. Going to their concert was the last thing I ever did with my mom.
39. My mom's death was on the front page of the paper and delivered to basically every home in town hours before I knew she was gone.
40. When I grow up I want to be a mommy.
41. In the mean time I want to be a... Still attempting to figure it out.
42. My top secret desire is to be a storm chaser, don't tell my dad.
43. I seriously can't wait for my bro to come home from his mission, but he has banned me from telling him that, ever!
44. I like being a girl and LOVE men who respect women.
45. I was ADDICTED to Adrenaline Rushes, but I gave up caffeine.
46. If I didn't have to work I would travel everyday.
47. I have been to most Church history sites. Nauvoo, Palmyra, Kirtland, SLC, Winter Quarters.
48. I love silence and never find it awkward, especially in testimony meeting.
49. I like McDonald's Breakfast, Sonic drinks, Burger King Fries, and Wendy's salads.
50. I like to wear skirts and flip flops in the summer.
51. I miss the carefree days of living at home and having no bills.
52. I am a Sunday school teacher.
53. I handle all the government and corporate accounts at Lowe's
54. I am interning with a hospice, I have yet to have a pleasant client.
55. I haven't had a real crush on anyone in almost two years.
56. I love to go to the park and swing.
57. I love road trips!
58. My family calls me Reese. It feels weird if they use my real name.
59. I do not think adult acne is a funny joke.
60. I secretly love a few dirty rap songs.
61. I DO NOT like chocolate.
62. I like gummy candy especially, sour ones.
63. My favorite flower is the Lilac because it smells the best.
64. I find facebook quite entertaining.
65. I love driving "the star wars" at work, and I'm awesome at it.
66. I love antiques.
67. I nickname everyone.
68. Corn beef and cabbage is my favorite thing to have for dinner.
69. I own 67 cookbooks.
70. If you cut me I would bleed soy sauce.
71. I wish I lived closer to family.
72. I have 77 first cousins.
73. I like to make people laugh, even if it is at me instead of with me.
74. I wish I'd have known my grandparents better.
75. I was struck by lighting.
76. I look forward to doing my taxes, getting money back is nice, but the fun part is filling them out.
77. To Kill A Mockingbird is my all time favorite book. With the All Creatures Great and Small series a close second.
78. I read cookbooks for fun.
79. I love photography and wish I had time to take a class so I could become awesome at it!
80. I am basically tone deaf. No I mean it I can't sing a note on key.
81. I hate first dates because I don't have a favorite color and I don't really care to know yours.
82. I prefer the New Testament to the Book of Mormon, don't judge me.
83. My favorite Hymn is Lord I would Follow Thee, and there is a very special reason why.
84. I am AWFUL at writing my missionaries.
85. I am so laid back it is scary sometimes. I get that from my daddy.
86. Both of my parents are freckled so there was basically no way to escape it.
87. My very first BFF was Celeste Hyatt. We picked on Ashley Applegate together. We didn't like her cause she never let us change the clothes on her Barbies.
88. I was born in Ogden, UT, while my Daddy was in school.
89. I am strangely attracted to older men.
90. I STILL have not mailed Zac his Christmas present.
91. I think there is beauty in everything God created. Including southern Wyoming.
92. I am so excited for the Keith Urban concert in September I can barely stand it!
93. I wish I could afford to drive a truck, I think that would be hot.
94. I swear I've seen a Ghost.
95. I would do ANYTHING for a real cheesesteak or a Hoagie.
96. I'm a little embarrassed about how many of these 100 are about food.
97. I am falling asleep right now, sitting at the table at my BFFs house.
98. I love going to the shore but Hate shore traffic.
99. I constantly wish I was a better person, but don't we all?
100. I know my Heavenly Father loves me, even when he puts me on friendship timeout.

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  1. Okay... so #79. I glanced and thought I saw pornography instead of photography. When I read the actual line (the way I had seen it), I almost died. Hahahahaha