Teancum and a Tent

Or how we spent the 4th of July...

*Apology: ALL of these photos were taken on my phone,
and most of them by children under the age of 6.

It started early on Friday when I took a late lunch 
and met the family at Chuck E Cheese.

Later I spent time with friends eating
cookie dough on the porch, watching fireworks, 
and falling asleep in Karl's backyard!

Saturday morning Katy, Dad, Logan, and I
Hiked Ensign peak. 
We actually went farther than Ensign.

This is your new favorite picture of me
We needed a short hike because we were meeting
some of Dad's siblings at Maddox.

The kiddos all wanted to sit with Reese. 
I had all three of the little ones in my lap at one point.
Chaos to be sure. But loving every minute of it. 

Who loves the way Teeny Brother holds his French Fries?
You want to make sure you ride home with me because 
 I get you ice cream when we gas up!

Sunday was spent quietly at home playing my guitar
 Note that I have signed my own guitar! Ha!

and playing Capture
 Which is where Teancum and a tent comes into the picture.
For some reason it made us laugh and we couldn't stop.
It was really funny I promise.
I just can't remember why.

The actual 4th I woke up feeling miserable.
So what do we do when we feel awful?
Katy drugs you up, and you turn on some Keith Urban!
Then you meet your dad at a shady Mexican restaurant.
Later that night Katy, Logan, and I took our siblings
for a walk around Oquirrh Lake.

 Logan was pushing our little bro in the stroller.
We caught up with them here because Logan
had stopped to point out the temple to his little brother. 
They were having this whole little conversation about it. 
I love those kids!
We watched 12 different and good firework shows while on our walk.
The view of the valley fireworks from the lake was amazing!

I taught my baby sister to say "yes please" any time
someone mentions Keith Urban.

Oh and P.P.S.
This is my Stepmom's Parent's Neighbors.
We talked to the guy responsible the next day.
We didn't know it was him and my dad 
asked him if he had an exciting weekend.
He laughed and said YES!

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