* I can't stop listening to "Please Come to Boston." Random huh? While I LOVE the Dave Loggins version, I have recently branched out listening to versions by many different artists. True to form my favorite is a country one. There is a Garth, as well as a Reba version... both no bueno. It is this version by Confederate Railroad that is my favorite!

* I went on a hike this weekend. Pine Hollow trail in American Fork canyon. It was beautiful. If I can get pictures from Cam I will post some. The beauty of God's creation, the conversation, and the company I was keeping made my heart happy. But more than anything I loved the sound of the wind in the aspen trees. That sound reminds me so much of my mom that I felt like she was right there with us.

*When I make a to do list and then get distracted, I always put the things I did while I was distracted on the list and then cross them off. That way I feel productive. Weirdo!

*You know how sometimes you get a random pop up screen on your computer? Well mine is never porn it is always something like garlic chicken enchiladas, or Frozen Samoa Pie. Does that mean that I am just extra righteous or that Satan has found my form of porn? Because I like it when boys keep their clothes on, and I can barely resist something with garlic!

*I  HATE being called ma'am! It makes me feel old and it seems impersonal.  

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