Would you rather...

I can't remember if it was the Summer of the cousins or the summer of the J-LOs but we use to LOVE to play "would you rather" and "If" In fact I still have a post it note with a few of them written and stuck in my scriptures. Oh and that night with Linds, Dewey, and Rose out back on the swing with my If book... that is a memory I won't forget anytime soon. Here are a few of my favorites:

WYR... have a pencil sharpening belly button or ketchup dispensing nostril?
WYR... be a super villain called "the pharmacist" or the god of upholstery?
WYR... have eyebrows that move around your face or leave a trail of paprika wherever you go?
WYR... be immune to red eyes in pictures or have expert precision when opening Capri Sun's?
WYR... have to watch with your friends a video of every fight you ever had with your siblings or parents?

My picks: Ketchup, super villain, paprika, and Capri Sun opener, sibs


  1. Okay, I say pencil, Pharmacist, paprika, red eye immune, and sibs. That's funn!

  2. Ha...Annie I love it. I totally remember that night. Was that before or after we broke the hammock with all of our summer loving?

    Pencil sharpening BB, but where do all of the shavings go?

    upholstery, but I don't think I ever finished that yellow couch would be like a science project on my face everyday and I am sure every now and again they would coverup my adult acne

    Red eyes..... everyone knows you just poke the straw in the bottom and squeeze

    my parents....there really were not that many, they were lame, and I was always right!

    A good times....thanks for the memories and laughs along the way.

  3. Wow, that is way random. I'm sure Katy has one for me: WYR be called vain or shallow? Well, her answer would be both, naturally.

  4. I say pencil, god of upholstery, paprika, red eyes, and parents.
    Although my few fights with siblings might be kind of funny to watch. I never really fought with my parents really at all. I agreed with them most of the time.