I bet you do...

I was helping this customer today and everything I would say to him he would say " mmmmm I bet you do" or "I bet you are." Always with a naughty tone and at the end he was licking his lips a little. For example:

"How are you doing can I help you find something?"
"Ummmm I bet you can."

"I'll do my best what was it you needed?"
"Ummm I bet you will."

"So you just needed a toilet down? Let me see if I can find you a cart."
"ummm I bet you will."

At the end there it wasn't even making sense anymore and I just really really wanted to get away from him.

Oh and yesterday a customer told me he found the perfect man for me. One that is a little bit wild. I told him I wasn't sure I could tame wild and he said "Honey sometimes you just sit back and enjoy wild."


  1. Hey, uh, since I was at Lowe's yesterday I just wanted to check - I'm not one of these "customers," right?

  2. When I first started working at the library I would smile at absolutely anyone one who walked in the door. Now, after some very frightening experiences, I check for creepiness first, then I smile. It makes me sad somethings to think that I have to do that.