Scary Scariness

I know from time to time as woman we make things out to be much scarier than they really are. That may factor in here, as well as the fact that it was dark and cold and rainy, but I am not making it up!

I got off work at 9 last night and when I pulled into the parking lot at my apartment I noticed that the truck that had followed me across 17th had pulled into the spot next to mine. It was totally a truck from unsolved mysteries! You know a three colored ford truck from the 70's, that was barely making it down the road still. I didn't think much of it so I grabbed my purse and headed inside.

But I got inside and realized that Katy wasn't home, so I went to text her and find out where she was and realized I had left my phone in the car. So I ran out to the car to get it and left my front door open. I got back in my car and realized their where two guys in the truck and they were yelling at each other. Yelling is a bit of an understatement actually, and their language would have made.... well my grandpa blush. So I can hear everything they are saying and apparently they were really mad at some Brandon and one wanted to kill him and one wanted to kill himself.

I wasn't really sure how to get back into the house without them noticing me. I didn't want to be the new target. Don't worry though that is when they decided to drag each other out of the truck and start beating the life out of each other on the grass in front of my door! I would have just driven away but my front door was not only unlocked but open a crack! So I drove around to the front where I thought maybe I could get to my door without them seeing me and make a run for it.

So I did and they stopped and watched me. I probably should have ran in and shut the door but I didn't want to be there so I just locked the door shut it and ran back to my car. I heard one of them say "What does she think she's doing?!" But I just ran to my car and drove the half a block to Matt's where we watched a sweet movie and ate his amazing cobbler.


  1. I want to be like your mom. She sounds like the FUN kind!

  2. That sounds like a scary story. I think I would have just left my phone in the car, or stayed in my house. Glad you got out of that one safe.