The splinter group!!!

The girls Lolly live with had a Gangster party last night and we became what we termed the splinter group, or the we would rather have Thai food group.

First of all I did not get to see my secret boyfriend but I did get to hear his dulcet tones coming through the phone as he gave us directions to the Thai place we wanted to have dinner at. The Thai place was a good time...

We all asked for water but the waitress brought Amanda a Sprite. This was only funny because I swore that she had asked for a Sprite so I was laughing at her for a while as she drank the Sprite she did not want. Then she brings us our dinner and she brought me something that was not even close to what I ordered. So we sent it back but she literally fought with me about it first. Then when she brought us our check and to go boxes she dumped our fortune cookies on the ground, picked them up and threw them away and did not bring us any new ones. Sad sad day!

We did spend a little time at the party but after two or three "encounters" with Spencer we decided to once again splinter and we went downstairs to watch The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas. Before we left the party we did find this hat laying around the house after the party...

We are pretty hot don't lie to yourself.

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