The stupid white girl

I hate being the stupid white girl. But I find myself in that situation frequently...

There was the infamous time Katy and I were lost in Chester, PA with no gas and no knowledge of how to get more. Thanks to growing up in Jersey for that little adventure. There was also the time that my friend Michelle and I decided to go exploring while her parents were doing a session in the DC temple. We had a very similar experience in, once again, a neighborhood white people should not have been in.

So now I live in Idaho and have filled many a tank of gas... I shouldn't have those same kind of experiences.... You would think.

Enter this conference weekend. I was staying with a friend in Utah and took off right after the last conference session Sunday. I stopped to fill up at the first gas station I found off the freeway. I decided while I was at it I would check my oil level, a little low. The gas station I was at did not carry oil though. Strange. So I walked out and shut my hood and drove off to find another. I am oil in hand when I walk back to my car and can see oil all over the front of my white car. CRAP! I didn't put the oil cap back on!

Perfect! I am an idiot but I haven't gone far. I'll go look for it. Well if you don't get lost backtracking it might have been a good plan... I found two oil caps but neither of them were mine. At this point there is oil poring out from under my hood and I am in tears and I am completely lost in an area of Salt Lake that feels scary. I google text where the nearest autozone is and buy a new cap. I found it easily enough but I am still in a bad area of town and I am still sobbing. So I walk in there, still crying, obviously out of place, and ask the guy for an oil fill cap. I am very grateful that they didn't laugh at me.

I called Wade during all this and told him I had a story to tell him but that when I cried he couldn't laugh. He didn't make any promises, I told him anyway. He interrupts the story and says wait when did this happen? And I respond right now it is happening! He asks me where I am and I tell him. In his most comforting voice he says "wow that is a REALLY bad neighborhood."

I hate being the stupid white girl...


  1. OH MAN! I"m sorry Annie! Sad sad story! You always have the most interesting stories. But I seem to feel bad for you a lot.... I Love you and I"m glad your ok!

  2. That's funny. I was just telling this story the other day to Jaron's Parents. (When we could not figure out how to pump gas in D.C). Great stories to tell the children.