Mormon Superbowl

Thanks to Chad for my above title. I hope you all get as excited for conference as I do. It is seriously the best Sunday of the year, and oh wait it comes twice a year, even better. For those of you that were listening during yesterday's afternoon session I want you to know that both me and Lolly tried to Google a testimony and it did not work. Katy tried to text me some faith, it also did not work. Good thing I already have a testimony.

Lolly took this picture. Try not to judge her. We had tickets to the Saturday afternoon session. I was so excited because it was the meeting where we sustain the prophets, apostles, etc. I love seeing that whole place raise their hands. What I also love is that we watched the Sunday morning session in bed, in our jamies, while eating leftover curry! I also have a bag of conference chips. It really is the superbowl!

Oh and when I tried to google a picture of general conference I found this picture...

Be excited!

He is my new Boyfriend...

You want a man who will go to conference with you and is also prepared for all eventualities...

I bet he is an Eagle Scout!!!

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  1. Ha ha ha nice eagle scout! I can't believe that waitress was such a jerk! I hate her! j/k Also your hair is so dark now!!! Sexy sexy!