I am a knitter

That's right and I am proud of it!

Awhile ago I was at a church activity and I saw this girl standing up in the middle of the room knitting. My fist thought should have been "goodness a fellow knitter, awesome!" But instead I thought that she was the craziest girl I had ever seen. I mean honestly who brings their knitting to an activity and whips it out in the middle of the room? Especially at a single function where the main purpose of being there is to remove yourself from the singles scene. I just don't see a guy walking in and saying to his buddies "Hold all the phones guys who is that!? I have been looking for a girl who can make her own socks. Do you think she saw me? Do you think I Should I go talk to her?"

Here is the problem...

It is literally hard for me to put my knitting down from time to time. I have been guilty of taking my knitting to a friends house while he watches football. I also have special needles with lights in the tips so that I can knit while we watch movies. I had one of those moments recently where I said to myself oh crap that is totally me. So if there are any men out there looking for a woman who can whip you up some socks while we watch a movie you just let me know.

PS. Here is a little glimpse into the future!

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