Crazy Eights

I decided to do this one because I never do them, I love to read them, and my friend Michelle tagged me so here it goes...

Eight TV shows I love to watch

1. American Idol
2. The Office
3. CSI
4. CSI: NY
5. Without a Trace
6. How It's Made
7. Dirty Jobs
8. The Mentalist

Eight things that happened to me yesterday

1. Had a panic attack when the deposit was 11000 dollars short.
2. Had Taco Bell for lunch because I didn't care anymore.
3. Realized the deposit wasn't short after all.
4. Sent a friend a message to try and undo an odd situation.
5. Played with my littlest siblings and my dog.
6. Ordered pizza with my stepmom.
7. Thought about vacuuming.
8. Chatted with my dad on facebook about french kissing.

Eight favorite places to eat

1. I'll give you one guess... Formosa, Logan
2. Joy Tsin Lau, Race street Philadelphia
3. Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia
4. The Pupusaria, Lexington
5. Happy Sushi, Logan
6. The Thai House, Idaho Falls
7. Crown Burger, Layton or SLC
8. Cafe Rio, Utah

Eight things I am looking forward to

1. Sleep
2. Lolly Pants hot chocolate
3. Christmas
4. Having a working washing machine
5. Watching last weeks episode of The Office
6. My bro coming home from his mission in one year
7. My three other bros serving missions
8. Not having to date anymore

Eight things on my wish list

1. My dog to be cleansed of her bad habits
2. My Bffs to live closer to me
3. More to do at work
4. Ability to talk to my mom
5. Finish my internship
6. Pay off my student loan
7. More time
8. A truck

Eight people I tag

1. Anyone who wants to do this, but especially...
2. Pappy
3. Ann
4. Katy
5. Christie
6. Sarah
7. Michelle Schmidt
8. Kent

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  1. Ooh, I love to watch How It's Made, too! Good times :-)