Photo tagged... get excited!

Here's what you gotta do: Take pictures of the following things just as they are. (no stopping to clean, straighten or to wipe a child's nose): The kitchen sink, the fridge, the toilet, the closet, the laundry room, your favorite shoes, your favorite room, and your kiddies (or pets). No cheating! Then post them on your blog and tag someone else!

My candy jars were raided! No chance to restock! Or apparently to do the dishes.
I posted the inside and outside of my fridge, it's too bad you can't see the picture my little bro drew of me. It is really really scary. There are also a lot of pictures that Katy's clients drew for her and lots of wedding invites.
Oh no I am almost out of Diet Coke! Time to go shopping!
Hayley Tagged me and oddly enough I think we have the same shower curtain! My bathroom is kinda boring. Sorry!
My closet is fairly messy. Shame you can't see the pile of shoes spilling out of the closet.
My laundry room. I am in the middle of doing laundry, blankets from the 4th and swimsuits and towels from the river yesterday. There is an I-Pod player in each room of our house. This one is a lamp too!
My favorite shoes! I couldn't pick! The red ones are my favorite everyday shoes. They go with more than you might think. The heels make me look sexy and well my husker slippers are my very favorite thing to put on my feet ever!
My favorite room is my bedroom because my bed is the most comfy bed in the entire world! I wish I was able to spend more time here but life sure gets in the way of sleep

There we are... My house... Tag! You're it!


  1. I love the shoes!!!! but Ninja freaks me out...what is up with the long hair. yikes!

  2. That is awesome.

    PS I still hate Ninja.