Conference and a Cannoli

If you will recall from just a few posts ago I have been feeling the need to declutter my life. I have been terming it "putting my life on a diet." I got rid of half of my wardrobe, more than half of my shoes and purses. I got rid of a bunch of books, old craft supplies, and many other things. And it has felt AMAZING! I haven't missed a thing and the simplicity of my life has made me super extra happy. So I loved when Elder Uchdorf quoted Da Vinci in conference this morning. 
'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' -Leonardo Da Vinci
I also want you to know that before Sister Beck rocked this haircut
I rocked the Asymmetrical haircut!

In between conference sessions Lolly and I went to the Mediterranean market and had delicious sandwiches and AMAZING COOKIES! Yes please! After the second session we went to this Italian bakery downtown and got Cannolis. My favorite. Not healthy but so good, and hey since I am vegetarian this month an extra dessert or two won't hurt me.

Decluttered life, listening to prophets, BFF in town, Cannoli, and the best of times! 



  1. So wish I could have done lunch and dinner with you crazy girls... I miss ya faces! P.S- You are rocking the hair girl! Sha-zam!!!

  2. I love the haircut! you are so funny. I am still trying to catch my breath!! lol