Brain Dump

1. I want to make Christmas presents for everyone on my list this year but worry that they won't be as well received as a purchased one.

2. I don't know how I am getting home for Christmas yet. When do I panic?

3. I think I know why I hate Christmas music. It reminds me of my mom. Then I think about how Christmas isn't the same without her. Then I feel guilty because Christmas isn't about moms right? It's about The Savior. But I feel like it is very much not the same without a mommy.

4. I can't get the image of my boss running through the parking lot after a flock of Canadian geese out of my head. He is a funny guy.

5. How long do you keep a friend's secret, in the name of being a good friend who can keep secrets, when you know the secret is hurting both of you?

6. I judge people who watch too much TV but I love to sit at home and watch movies. I could do it all night every night. Thank goodness I have too many things going on to allow that to happen.

7. I had a chat with a friend today in which hatchets were buried. I am so grateful for friends who can shovel. Really if you are reading this you have no idea what that meant to me. THANK YOU! 

7. I am still thinking about the geese outside because they are adorable and you can see them eating big red berries off our bushes through the window. Precious!

8. I wish I had the money to help everyone in my life that needs it so desperately right now.

9. I need to go buy yet another smaller pair of jeans! I should be happy but I hate all the money I have spent on pants the past few months.

10. I need to put up my Christmas tree but I am putting it off because I desperately miss the man who helped me put it up last year. I miss having his spirit in my home. Maybe we'll just let Katy decorate for Christmas this year.

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