Happy Birthday Kyle!

To me, birthdays are a day to celebrate that someone special was born. I am so blessed to have Kyle as one of my closest friends.

I appreciate having a friend who genuinely cares about those around him.
One that goes out of his way to make things right again.
Someone who is actually good at listening.
Someone who appreciates the quiet, just together time.
A man who expresses gratitude.
Someone who hasn't lost sight of the important things in life.
A man who treats all women like the queens etc. they have the potential to be.
Someone who enjoys God's creations and loves to be among them.
A friend that will delve into deep conversations on deep topics, but also laughs at my stupid jokes.
Someone who allows me to serve.
A man who will do whatever it takes to keep me safe.
Someone who makes time.
Who loves enough to voice concerns.
Who speaks volumes with just a look.
A friend to whom it is okay to show weakness. 
And he look AMAZING in his gray suit!

His friendship is more than I deserve and I am blessed to be a part of his life.

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