Talent Shows

As our ward talent show is forth coming and we have been discussing it in ward counsel I can't help thinking about past talent shows. To me a talent show is just an excuse to get up and make a fool of yourself in front of the ward. It is always a good time for those of us who are simply observers.

Some of my favorite talent show moments:

* When Ren sang Captain Vegtable and dressed up!
* When a girl in college put on a Santa hat and sang "Santa Baby" to the Bishop while doing a slightly inappropriate dance.
* When one of the Rich boys demonstrated his nunchuck skills and accidentally let go of one and it went flying across the stage to where the small children were watching with wide eyes. 
* When a group of boys sang The Eagles classic "Lying Eyes."
* When a girl in my ssingles ward did her talent as being able to name what episode of Stargate was being shown in the first ten seconds.
*When a girl did interpretive dance and her roommates switched the tape to a Muppet song last second.
* When Brother Sama dressed up as a woman and danced around while his wife and daughter sang The Oak Ridge Boys classic "Elvira."

If you think I am being mean, the above list should show you that, yes indeed talent shows are for people to make fools of themselves for the entertainment of others. I LOVE THEM! Can't wait to add to the list after the 18th Ward Talent Show!

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  1. You should add to the list when we sang to "burning ring of fire" with your hot pink guitar. Did that really happen, or was that just a nightmare I had? Oh, or when Paula and I tried to "laugh" sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and she totally left me hanging! Ben Madsen was like "we saved the best for last!" haha! And after the performance, Bishop Naldy's wife was like..."well, that was so nice- thank you so much for participating." HAHA! What would our mormon culture be like without talent shows? I personally LOVE them! The entertainment is unlike any other! Great post Annie. :) You are so funny.