Ward Choir

There seems to be a trend in this religion of which I am a part,
to have choir directors who are.... how do I say it?

Very enthusiastic.

I get that you want to magnify your calling.
I get that you love music.
I get that you want a good turn out.
I like having a good turn out to things I am in charge of too.
That is all fine and great and good.

But when I tell you I can't sing, it would be really great if you believed me.
I am not fishing for a compliment.
I am not making excuses.
I am not too lazy to stay another hour after church.
I don't care if you made brownies.


Believe me!

And it is okay because, I have a lot of other talents.
So it is okay if that is one I don't have.
We can't all be amazing at everything.


  1. ROFL! Reese, you are all amazing and that, while hosts are singing, you will be providing some scruptious treat for the angels who like you cant sing, and it'll all be good. <3

  2. I know someone who got kicked out of ward choir...yeah, that's right, kicked out!!!