Grocery shopping

I have a lot of... Umm... Odd things that I do. I am not going to lie. One that causes me a lot of stress is grocery shopping. Okay that is kind of a lie. I actually love grocery shopping but I have this weird thing. I can't let anyone I know see my buying prepackaged food. If I for some reason buy like a box of macaroni and cheese or something I have to hide it under a big thing of grapes or carrots or something in my cart. Even when I put my groceries up on the belt I make sure they stay hidden.

Today I ran to Winco for a few things. I had a beautiful bell pepper, a watermelon, some romaine lettuce, tomatoes that smelled amazing (always make sure your tomatoes smell amazing), some vegetarian corndogs (also amazing), and some chicken. I made the mistake of going while I was hungry and I walked past those cardboard pizzas. Man those things are soo good. They are, themselves, my entire daily caloric intake but I couldn't help myself. I put one in the cart... under the lettuce.

I might have been fine until I ended up in the check out lane with the little old lady on her first day. I wrote a check. I know who still does that? But I did, and she hit cash. At Lowe's no one cares, the cashier just shoves it in her drawer and hopes they have the money. But she went into a panic. It was right then that I saw that she had placed my cardboard indiscretion on top of everything where just anyone could see it. She turns her light to flashing and with pizza in hand starts waving her supervisor over. I wanted to crawl out of there on my hands and knees like I was getting shot at.

Moral of the story: If I ever have a husband he better not like cardboard pizzas. Or if he does he is buying them himself. No wait then people will think that not only do I feed him cardboard but I make him go out and buy it. Darn it.

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  1. FUNNY. You know, "cardboard discretion" could mean something else. Like...tampons. Heh heh...I like the cardboard pizzas too, but I tell myself I'm not allowed to buy them any more. I usually listen to myself, but sometimes they call my name...


    Oh fingers have defrosted now.