The TP dilemma

I am perplexed by toilet paper. With anything else I buy there is that handy dandy per oz price at the bottom to compare. However, with TP I am totally lost. This one is cheapest but how many feet am I getting, and how many ply? Then they have those super rolls that are suppose to be as much TP as two rolls. I am pretty sure I don't believe it and is it the same absorbency of two rolls or the same length? And if It is just more absorbent does that really count? Because it doesn't matter how absorbent it is I am never going to use just a couple of squares. How much extra am I willing to pay for the TP with Aloe?

Anyway tonight I once again found myself lost in the TP aisle confused and staring. What got my attention was a package of Cottonelle that said "Our strongest toilet paper ever." Now I will spring for soft but in what situation do you find yourself where the strength of the TP really comes into play?


  1. I have often had the same quandaries! I guess the strength may be more desirable when you have major skid marks? there is something to ponder...LOL! but then you wonder if that is the case for those who buy it...okay, to much info don't you think?

  2. This post is just one more reason I heart you...

    I hear you on the STRONG TP. I've never stopped to ponder how much bang I get for my buck on TP though; I'm SO willing to pay for the good stuff--I go for softness as well. And honestly? The stuff that says it's equal to 2 rolls of TP? I actually believe it. You don't have to use nearly as much as the cheap stuff. (Not that you'll only use a couple of squares, but you'll use less. Just sayin')

    And now...we've had a discussion about TP. Didn't see that one coming...