Bark Odds

So today I was having a text "discussion" with my BFF and so I was super distracted when Katy texted me about making an appointment for us to see the Bishop. I thought I texted her this message: Carl hasn't called me. Did he call you?

Carl is the Executive Secretary and he was suppose to call us back with a time for our appointment. Due to my distraction I didn't change any of the words to the correct ones while texting. so I sent her this message: Bark odds called me. Die if call you.

She claims she got a sick feeling in her stomach and wondered if I had really sent the message. So when I got her following message asking who the heck Bark odds was I was so confused because I didn't know anyone by that name. When I went back and read the text I couldn't stop laughing. I am actually still laughing.


  1. This will go down in history!!! You know it!

  2. I liked reading both versions of the story. I wish I'd've kept track of the few gibberish texts I've sent...