I have no words...

This girl may be THE girl who gives the rest of us ladies a bad name.

One of my BFFs told me this story:
There was this girl he was friends with and took on TWO dates. TWO dates remember that. Anyway she moved far away, to "get over him." But before she left she stopped by to give him a going away present. It was a journal she kept all about him. The back pages contained a list of his "Stats." You know birthday, name of family members, favorite flavor of ice cream, etc. The front pages where all about how she felt about him and how she was falling in love with him.


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  2. all I have to say is PSYCO!!! ha ha ha and I'm still laughing over bark odds! ha ha ha that's classic! Your posts are always the best and make me so happy to read! ha ha

  3. SICK! Scary! Hooray for him that she was moving AWAY to "get over him" but CREEPY that she gave him "the journal of us" when there clearly was NO "us." YIKES!

  4. I remember you telling me about this. What a CREEEEEEP!