I was reading an article on KSL this morning and it referenced "inner city Logan." Seriously?

* * * * *
Sometimes people come up with the most awful things
I mean I know you love to craft...
I enjoy it too, from time to time.
When I saw this I thought, why did you ruin this jacket?
 Stop trying so hard.
Seriously!!! Stop right now! The crafting is out of control and it doesn't look good.
And these are pictures I found on popular, legitimate craft blogs.

* * * * * *
Moving on...
In case there is someone out there doing it wrong...
This is from a Time Life magazine.
You are welcome. 

* * * * * *
I have this disease...
But not as bad as Katy.
It is curable only by marrying someone I can channel all my flirtatious energy onto.

I also have this one.
Don't pretend like you don't have it too.

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