THOSE boys

You know those guys who come into your office from time to time?
They are in a REALLY nice suit, and they smell superb,
and their hair is perfect?
I hate them.

I really do.
So when they have business to take care of in the office
I turn on the countriest country music I can find
and turn it up a little.

I figure it will (1) torture them,
(2) get them moving faster and out of my office in a hurry,
or (3) they will be cool enough to enjoy the classics.

Then I will be forced to change my horrible, judgmental, first impression.

Seriously though boys,
you'd be a lot hotter in a nice pair of jeans and a t-shirt
that you don't mind if I borrow.

P.S. Earlier today a crazy hot guy came into my office.
He was so hot infact,
that when I walked out of my office to grab him some paper work,
I turned the light off and left him standing alone in my office in the dark.

THAT man was wearing a Northface jacket, khaki shorts, was unshaven,
and drove an old truck.

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