I've learned that comfort doesn't mean it's the right fit. Far too often I keep something, or someone, because it's comfortable. Because looking for a new something takes work and patience. And you have to break him in all over again. And you are scared to be alone for that period of time in between.

But why settle for comfort when with a little more looking you can find the perfect fit? Something tailored just for you. Something that makes you look better, and feel better? And let's be honest here, something you will make look better that it ever has on anyone else.

And people will ask you how you found it and where. And you'll say you found it used and even though it was already perfect you did a few minor alterations yourself.

Can I borrow it? Um no? This is a metaphor... Hands off he's mine! If there is someone out there trying on my perfect something... Hands off woman. That doesn't look good on you. Seriously... Stop touching him.

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