Love or Something Like It

Why is it that it is okay for my love to call me "babe" but not "Baby?" One is great, one is yicky.
* * * * *
Me: I would marry the *heck out of you... if you liked girls.
* * * * *
Me: I ended things and I am surprisingly ok.
Him: I think you realized you were ok moving on.
Me: Or a BIG breakdown is just around the corner.
Him: You have to wait I'm having one right now.
Me: That's fair. What's going on?
Him: This isn't about me
Me: Let's make it about you.
* * * * *
M: All Mormon girls are just friends.. until they are married.
* * * * *
J: You do kind of have nature that inspires confrontation it seems.
Me: I enjoy a good fight now and then.
J: Is that why you are with that one guy?
Me: Yeah, I love fighting with him. It's so good.
J: Now that is love.
Me: It just might be
* * * * *
"I know you love me, and you know I love you. We've always known that. I've always let you know where I stand. He can't seem to tell you... That is the difference." ~ Him
* * * * *
There is nothing I value more in a relationship than honesty. Nothing.
* * * * *
The "I love you, I want to marry you, but..." conversation is hard to hear.
But the first half of the sentence is always nice.
* * * * *

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