It amazes me every time. Seriously. The last time I saw "Pidge" I still thought Snubs and I might happen. Oh how many broken hearts have past since I saw her last. She has been in the Philippines for more years than I want to think about, and I miss her. She has three kids now and her second sets of twins on the way. They finally moved back to the states this week and I got to have lunch with her and meet her kiddos.

As I was pulling away all I could think about was how much my soul had missed her and how I wish Denver wasn't so far away.

Thanks for lunch Pidge!

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  1. Awh! Tear!!! I love you so much!!!! Thanks for the great visit. It was a major highlight of being back in Utah again. We will do it again soon. And hey, Denver is a great place too...at least I hope it will be.... haha. Come visit me!