Don't Judge Me.

1. I hate thanksgiving food. Don't gasp. If I was going to plan a feast I would NEVER pick turkey for my protein and I have always hated yams, until last year.... enter Zac's family's sweet potatoes. Oh my, can I have an entire pan of them right now? Okay but back to the point. Thanksgiving... YUCK!

2. I know gas isn't cheap and due to my inability to make the big bucks I have a budget. But I LOVE to drive with the windows down. The problem is that sometimes that doesn't cool my car quite enough. (I like being cold) So I crank the air conditioning. Windows down, air blasting, at 3.50 a gallon. Oh well.

3. This morning I didn't read my scriptures. I finished reading Anne of the Island. I couldn't leave that last chapter where she finally ends up with Gilbert unfinished. Maybe I'll go to the temple tonight to make up for it.

4. Another in the car confession... I can't remember if I have mentioned this before or not. I LOVE to sing in the car. Of course Keith Urban is my most frequent duet partner followed closely by Jason Aldean but sometimes Billy Joel, John Fogerty, or Steven Page of BNL  fame come along for the ride. I get so into it that once I was stopped at a light next to a friend and she tried so hard to get my attention that she was throwing french fries at my window and I never broke for a second. This has happened more than once, but only once did it involve projectile french fries.

5. The other day I remembered that my mom pronounces the w in sword. I laughed out loud and then I felt a little bad for making fun of her. Do you think she still says it wrong? I hope so.... I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. No judging here - instead these made me smile. :)

    My only beef with cold weather in fall is all the "doomsday" philosophy. ONE TINY snowfall in October and everyone says, "winter is here." SHEESH - grow up, the snow will melt and fall will come back. It isn't WINTER until November. :) Don't take away my fall - my most favorite season!