Lunch with Wade. 
We thought it odd that the cashier spelled his name thus... 

I found my old notebook from Culinary school. 
I wish I remembered how this happened.
I am sure it was a great story because our su chef was hilarious...
and accident prone. 

I was proud of myself for changing my own brake pads.
However, I needed Joan's testosterone to reset my calipers.
Thanks Joan! 

We spend the good bit of time stalking this guy,
before we had lunch at Sawadee.
Why we thought it was so funny 
that he was biking his piano down the road,
I will never know. But it was. 
In fact I am laughing now thinking about it.

I have to say I am in love with my new trifle bowl. 
The girls want to use it to make giant margaritas..
To celebrate being called as ordinance workers!

and finally...
this is what I was making when it was finally determined 
that I am allergic to avocados. 
My avocado egg rolls. 
How I will miss thee....

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