Broken Legs

Yesterday I dropped my laptop 
and smashed the screen into a million little pieces.
 I am very sad about this. 
No more picture editing,
 and no more blogging. 
Unless I steal Katy's comp while she is sleeping,
 like i am doing now.  
I have good friends who have offered to recover the files. 
But recover them to what? 
I don't have another computer to put them onto 
and I certainly can't afford to buy another one right now. 


Then later I was in the kitchen and slipped on some water on the floor and fell and sprained my ankle. While I was laugh/crying in pain Katy yelled down the stairs and asked if Heavenly Father had broken my other leg. "Yes" was my reply.

You see in church last week a friend of mine shared a story. She said that shepherds, when they find the one who has strayed will break the legs of the sheep and carry him around on his shoulders so that the sheep becomes so completely dependent on the shepherd that he never strays again. 

I have felt a little lately, 
like Heavenly Father is breaking my legs. 
Apparently yesterday we got a lot closer to a literal application. 

When Katy actually came down stairs she said "This is why I tell my kids not to play in the sink,"
Then she said "Reese, this is just basically how your life goes. Why are you surprised?"
I suppose I shouldn't be. 

We did find a new place though, 
It's in bountiful, Right by the Del Taco.
Is this a curse or a blessing? We will have to see. 

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  1. AnonymousMay 01, 2011

    I'll transfer your data to a flash drive. - MK