Love Language

Do you know what your love language is?

You can take the test here

It is no surprise to me that I am basically two, physical touch and quality time, and score almost a zero on everything else.

While I was struggling and super stressed a few weeks ago a friend asked me what he could do to help."I just need to spend time with you" is what I told him. When it didn't materialize I felt horrible. He didn't do anything wrong he was just busy, I am assuming, but it felt really awful anyway.

Then when I told another friend that I was feeling stressed he said "When am I coming over?" and we spent an evening together grocery shopping and chatting and I felt all better. Without ever bringing up what was actually stressing me out. 

It is hard to have quality time as a love language because, I understand how busy people are. It just makes it that much better when time is found and spent with those I love.
Isn't it great to learn about ourselves so we understand why we do the things we do?


  1. hey thanks for this link. I've been needing to take this test. It is so much nicer when I understand myself, and the person I love to love most.

  2. o my goodness... i totally would never have guessed my "love language" was service. interesting! and my next one was quality time too! now i feel all complicated and stuff...haha