Me: I have an apointment to put Mokey down this afternoon.
Drew: Sad day... What time?
Me: At two. He started having desires.
Drew: Desires?
Drew: I have those all the time.
Me: We are putting you to sleep then. But I meant seizures.  

Dang auto correct. 

He is gone now. 
I cried A LOT. 
Even Katy did, and she didn't even really like him that much.
I was a mess.

Then the vet charged me 3 times what they quoted me on the phone.
And it wasn't like I could say never mind because well...
Mokey was already gone.
So I paid it and then cried a little about that too.

Then Robot called and took us on a picnic. 
His fiance didn't know he was in town so we surprised her. 

Then Katy and I met up with Drew to go out to our favorite store!
We had some mexican food we shouldn't have, and fell asleep on his Lovesac. 

In the end it wasn't such a bad weekend. 
I have some of the best friends ever!

Thanks to Robot, Drew, and Katy for taking care of me.
Oh and Kenny for loaning me a shovel.

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  1. How crummy is that?! I'm so sorry that your kitty is gone :( So glad you've got Katy and good friends to take care of you!