Remember here when I was having a bad day and instead of just bucking up, smiling, counting my blessings and moving on I had a pity party. Then at dinner Wade served me up a big helping of perspective?

Well it happened again.

Last night I was feeling very stressed and very crappy and I just wanted to stay home and read a book all night. That is when I decided that when you are feeling crappy and like your life is out of control the best place to be is not in bed but in the temple. So I put a dress on and Katy and I headed out the door.

See I really am lucky to have her. I love having someone who will go to the temple with me at a moments notice and love it as much as I do. 

On the way to the temple I have the following text conversation:

Friend:"I can't feel one side of my face."
Me:"Um I think that means you are having a stroke."
F: "Well that is inconvenient."
M: "Go to the hospital."
F: "What does it mean if I can now only see out of one eye?"
M: "It means you need to GET TO THE HOSPITAL."
F: "Okay I am, I'll tell you tomorrow how it goes."
M: "NO! You will tell me as soon as you know what is going on."
F: "Okay I will."
M: "I am walking into the temple right now, do I need to turn around and bring you balloons?"
F: "No enjoy your temple time I'll text you lots of updates for when you get out."
M: "Okay, but if you die tonight come say goodbye to me in the temple before you leave."
F: "Deal."

Ugh! Remember how my friend had a mild stroke last night? Why am I complaining about my life? My life is perfect and I am grateful my head is functioning normally. Well as normally as possible.

... and thanks for not dying last night. Now is just not a good time for me. ;)

One more thing.

I did however, as soon as my laptop broke...
 sit down on the couch and try to list 5 reasons why this unfortunate occurrence was actually a blessing.

1. No more wasting time on Net Flix, and I'll save 8 bucks a month.
2. New laptop, eventually, that doesn't power down at odd times.
3. New commitment to learning to save.
4. Learning to ask for help.
5. One less thing to move? (I know it is a stretch)

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