I'm Dying!

I am sure 110% of you know how I feel about the bottoms of bears. 

Who was with me at the museum a few years ago for this moment?

"Dreams do come true!" is the caption my Mattskie added to this photo on facebook. And of course I replied "It is true, it could happen to you!" Take that as you will... Ha!

So you can understand my excitement when this picture came my way a few weeks ago. 

I can't even handle how much I love this picture! 
BEAR BUMS! Baby Bear bums!!!!!

Want to know what ELSE I am FREAKING out about?
But I have to wait until 2014! 
That doesn't seem fair.
Who wants to go to this movie with me? 
Watching me watch this might be just as much fun as watching the movie itself. 

Or for a real treat we could go to BEAR WORLD! 
Oh my heavens. I would DIE! 

Lastly you may have noticed this is the background on my phone.
This picture is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. It is up in my office, the background on my phone, and the bookmark in my scriptures. Tell me that isn't the cutest things you have ever seen! 

You are welcome! 

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