The Reasons

Dad: But why aren't you dating him anymore?

Me: I can't get past the fact that you called him polite.

Dad: What's wrong with that?

Me: Well you met him and that was your only impression.

Dad: Well he was polite.

Me: When you met Drew and I asked for your opinion, you told me to marry the guy!

Dad: But there's nothing wrong with this one.

Me: Well polite isn't exactly on the top of my list dad.

Dad: Well it SHOULD be. Isn't that pretty important?

Me: But I don't want that to be the only thing you come away with after meeting him.

Dad: But he's considerate right? He's really good to you?

Me: Oh for sure dad, the best.

Dad: Well Reese...

Me: and dad... Kate called him boring.


  1. Here's the deal. Is he boring to you? Is he more than just "polite" to you? Can you see him treating you as his queen? Can you see him as Charlie's pa? It shouldn't be entirely based on what others say.

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