You Can't Take Me Anywhere.

So awhile ago I attended an event at The Grand America with Wade. It was red carpet, for real, fancy. And there was a table outside the VIP cocktail suite that had free socks. Nice socks. So I took some. I told Wade to put them in his pocket for me and he refused. I just had a fancy clutch, no purse. But I took them anyway and carried them around with me all night. Classy!

Two nights ago Kyle took me to an event downtown. We were walking around enjoying the exhibits, meeting new people, and eating the fabulous food when I noticed that one of the food tables had Ruby Snap cookies. I had never had one before, but I knew they were expensive. Like 20 dollars for a dozen (not lying.) So... I put a couple in my purse. A couple of different times. Classy.

I made Kyle try one of the cookies. It had a rich chocolate mousse filling. Kyle response was "there is something spicy in that cookie."  
"Like what?" I ask. "Like whiskey" he tells me. "Well get over there and grab me another whiskey cookie!" Turns out... No whiskey. They had a spicy pepper in the middle. They were delicious.

And I just now, while finishing this blog, ate the last whiskey cookie. That I stuffed in my purse two nights ago.

Please, I'm always available for your event. You know... if you need to add a little spice! I mean class.

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