I have been extra needy the past week or two as I anticipated some big news and while I grew anxious for a lot of changes I see coming up in my near future. I love change, I really do. It is the not knowing just how much and when that I have been struggling with for a few weeks.

* I am grateful for Zac who can ALWAYS make me laugh.. and always has time even though he has NO time.

* I am grateful for Kate who tells me "at least you don't have three GIANT acne's like I do" and then snapchats me a picture of them.

* Jill who likes to talk quilt patterns, missing moms, and icky boys.

* Cameran who doesn't mince words and constantly reminds me of my worth, and where that worth should stem from.

* Sarah who checks up on me from all the way across the country, lets me know she loves me, and is a fabulous substitute mom for me.

* Kyle A who gives me the man logic straight talk, and doesn't take any of my excuses.

* Kyle D. who calms my heart, and offers to rescue me from any form of "monster" that may present itself.

* Lolly who lets me snuggle her baby while she whips up a delicious meal.

*The boss man who buys me a Diet Coke so I'll stop "sounding like an opera singer."

Thank you.

It is all up from here!

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