Professionalism is Lame

I work with Overstock.... Every single day. So when I received an email from them in my personal email I didn't think much of it.
Wait a second Trevor. I haven't purchased any work out equipment from site. And I don't sell them either. Suspicious.

So I Responded and said:

"Dear Trevor,

I can appreciate the high level of customer service Overstock is attempting to provide me. Perhaps this is a hint from the powers that be that I should be looking into such a purchase. However, the only thing I have ever purchased from your website is a sewing machine. No exercise there. For now I will remain happily chubby.

Annie Hall

Oh Trevor.... So much potential... and you had to go and be professional.


  1. Haha, oh man, this post made me laugh! :) You're awesome.

  2. You would. I heart that a lot.