Wanted: Tall, Blonde Surfer Who Plays the Guitar

I tell my guy friends all the time about "the list" I made when I was a beehive. I was a list of all the qualities I wanted in my husband. I laugh about it now because I realize how ridiculous it was. I remember that the list included the things from the title or this post. When I was home this last week I looked for my list. I didn't find the original beehive list but I did find a revised one. This list was only made a few years later so I was still in my yearly young womens years.

*Can see right through me
*Temple worthy LDS
*Wants lots of kids
*Enjoys the simple things
*Can laugh AT me and get away with it
*Has a steady income
*Tolerates country music
*Makes me want to be better
*Makes me laugh
*Loves his mommy
*Smiles a lot
*Loves his Heavenly Father
*Honors his priesthood
*Loves the scriptures
*Spoils me
*Is NOT perfect
*Will watch the sunsent with me
*Wears yummy sweaters
*Makes me feel good about myself

I was impressed. I have added a few things to this list over the years but it hasn't changed much. Where is he? Maybe he is out surfing somewhere, playing his guitar... Ha Ha Ha

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