I am STILL freaking out.

Last night we were sitting around the kitchen just laughing and enjoying the whole family being together when I heard my cat crying at the back door. I was so excited! I have had this cat for half of my life and he is the cuddliest cuddler ever so I ran to the door to pick him up and squeeze him.

Seconds before I scooped him up I noticed the unfurry tail and FREAKED because what I had almost scooped up was an oppusum eating my kitty's food. I screamed like I have never screamed before, I am still feeling a little queasy when I think about it. YUCK YUCK YUCK!


  1. Holy crap, I would have screamed, too! Those things are so ugly and nasty. Good thing you spotted it in time.

  2. I have to say your kitty is only cuddly on his terms, and I think I may go as far as to say he is only cuddly with am glad you didn't try to cuddle with our invader, that would not have been pleasant in the least bit. We should have known by the beady eyes, mokey's aren't beady.

  3. After an oppusum encounter of my own at home in TX, I've decided that these are some of natures unatractive creatures.