Top 5 favorite musicals

My friend Emilie blogged about her top 5 favorite muscials this morning. I was in the middle of disagreeing with her in a comment when I thought, I hsould just blog about it myself.


We watched this movie every Sunday morning for almost a year in college. We would all sit in the front room and get ready for church and sing along. Let's be honest who hasn't wanted to climb to the tip top of a mountain and sing at the top of your lungs? Oh and marry an attractive man who loves you for exactly who you are.


This is one of me and my dad's favorites.  Just look at those sleeves and I love the line from this scene when he says "the thing is if I found a girl I liked enough to marry I'd care too much about her to wish a guy like me off on." You'll be humming "our state fair is the best state fair" for days after!


Because who doesn't want to live with 7 guys in a cabin in the mountains? Okay but really I love how politically incorrect this movie is. You couldn't make a movie today where a guy sings "bless her beautiful hide... I don't know your name but I'm stakin' my claim!"


I know most of you have never seen this one. Go out and get a copy right now! It has Fred McCmurray in it so you know it will be good. And you can't beat song lyrics like "I believe in the bible, I believe in Uncle sam, I believe a man's who been bitten has the right to demand that his wife should share the agony he bears." Or that he keeps alligators in his conservatory, or that they sing a song about whether Philadelphia or NewYork is better, or how he runs a boxing bible class where they sing about "Strengthening the dwelling of the Lord."


This is my all time favorite musical! First of all it has Audrey in it. She is beautiful and classy and I can't get enough of her. Second who doesn't love the horse race scene, or the scene where she sings "I could have danced all night" because who hasn't felt that way before? Then you have Henry singing "why can't a woman be more like a man?" and Eliza singing "If you're on fire show me!" Yes please! Then you have the debate of what man she really loves and I love how totally lost he is without her... "I've grown accustom to her face"
 breaks my heart every time.

What are your favorites?


  1. SO GLAD you didn't include Wizard of Oz or Oklahoma on your Top 5 list...I hate WoO so much.

    Never heard of State Fair or the Happiest Millionaire.

    I'm not sure I have 5 favorites, but we'll give it a go...

    1. Wicked (Amazing!!!)
    2. Les Miserables (I'm talking stage production. Obviously.)
    3. Aida (co-written by Sir Elton John. It's gold.)
    4. Phantom of the Opera. (Somehow, the Phantom wins my heart over EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I'm pretty sure I don't want the bad guy in real life, though...)
    5. Let's go with Sound of Music. (Because it's amazing through and long as you skip "Climb Every Mountain" )

  2. this is stephanie loders daughter i own every one of those but the sound of music