Every Dinosaur Poops

Last night we were at Wal-Mart checking out and the checker asked Madison if she was paying for the groceries.
Madison: No I didn't bring my potty money.
Checker: Oh you have potty money huh? That must mean you are getting to be a big girl.
Madison: Yeah... Every dinosaur poops.
Checker: Oh really, I didn't know that.
Me: Oh yeah it is a video we watch frequently at our home.
Checker: Well that's one I'm not familiar with
Madison: Every dinosaur poops! For every critter of every species, the food we don't use turns into feces. Call it a stool or call it scat, everyone does it, and that is that. EVERY DINOSAUR POOPS!
Checker: Well that was a great song young lady.
Madison: Yep!
Me: Well there is a story you can tell everyone when you get home. I could sing you the whole song if you feel like you need a few more lines.
(she just laughed.)

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