Dang it.

I had a VERY long day at work today. We weren't even busy. It was just... I won't go into it. I hopped in my car at the end of the day and thought to myself  "Now I can call Wade and go do something."

Wrong! Wade is on his way to Hawaii. Am I upset that he is on his way to a tropical paradise without me? No! I don't care if he was on his way to Siberia I am just upset that he isn't here now.

Another thought... I haven't seen him in a few days anyway. My life has been crazy busy and so has his. So why is it that he hasn't even been gone 12 hours yet and I am missing him like crazy?


  1. How can something suck and blow all at once? I feel for ya...

  2. Who is this wade you speak of?

  3. Haha! i miss you too!
    I'll be back soon- then you'll be gone before I get home- so somtime in the middle of December I'll get to see you!