Chinese last night

 Last night my 17 year old brother said "what is crab rangoon?" I was thinking, goodness who is raising these children? So we remedied the situation immediately.

There are three things I loved about this experience:

First, I was leaving and had the bag of food in one hand and was holding Simon in the other. A guy got up from his table and opened both doors for me. I heart good men so much, and I love how often they present themselves in Nebraska.

Second, all of the kids found something that they loved that they had never tried before. Simon loved the fried rice. Logan (who promised he would hate all of it) ate most of the Sesame chicken and said it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Madison loved the chicken with "that really yummy red sauce." And Jarom loved the lo mein, so much so that they have been eating and fighting over the leftovers since they woke up.

Third, I had a particularly interesting fortune. Jarom and I discussed it for some time this morning and near the end he said "yeah that's a pretty good fortune but I wouldn't go taping it to the bottom of my patriarchal blessing!"

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