Travel Update

The day started out well. We were checking in and the guy asked us if we wanted to sit together and we both said in unison " unless you want to put an attractive single man between us." Ha Ha the guy loved it and he assigned us seats with a seat in between saying that he would fill it if he saw anyone suitable. We had the one empty seat in the plane on our row and we enjoyed the extra space.

Panda Express in Denver is a tradition we never pass up. Unless our layover is really short and our flight was delayed and we have 15 minutes between gates and the gates are on opposite sides of the airport. Thank goodness that was not the case this time.

You wish you could fly on a plane like this. This is us on the back row. You can see the four other passengers and the pilots/stewardesses. You can feel every little change in altitude in this beast. So scary!

Home sweet home coming into view. I know it doesn't look like much but I love this place!

This is my super adorable welcoming party. She dressed herself for this occasion and is wearing her special occasion coat and her cooking shoes. She is also wearing a new "necklace" just for the occasion.

We have been having a blast the past few days and I will update soon with some fun stories.

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  1. I love that she put on special clothes and everything. She is such a diva...and at such a young age. Look out world...they do not know what is coming!