Grrrr... But grateful

Last night I crawled into bed super super late. (Next time we realize how late it is and go home before midnight) I was in that half asleep state when I remembered I was doing a photo shoot at work tomorrow for product that needs to go onto Overstock before black Friday. I promised myself I would remember it in the morning, even though I hadn't the day before, I was not leaving my warm bed. But then I thought better of it and went down stairs, gathered up my photo equipment, and placed it by the door where I wouldn't forget it. "Put it in the car" I said to myself but there was NO way I was going outside that late. I would remember.

Flash forward. Today I get on the freeway a few minutes late but sure I would still be the first one to the office when I remembered my photo equipment sitting by the front door. Arrrrg! Could I put the shoot off another day? Probably not. But I couldn't just turn around because I was on the freeway so I get off at the next exit and backtrack home. I gather everything up running ten minutes late now. Traffic report says traffic is stopped southbound into the city. So I hop on the Legacy highway which adds another 5 minutes. I pull on Legacy right behind an officer of the law. So now I have to go 60 putting me behind another 5 minutes.


I am grateful for a job where they don't fire me if I am 20 minutes late one day. Where I don't even get yelled at. Where I get to do a job I enjoy AND be a photographer. Who knew my favorite hobby would be something I could get paid for. In this world where anyone with a nice camera and a Photoshop thinks they are a photographer... I get to do it as part of my actual job.

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